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Removal of all traces of scratches, right on target!

Scratch Off has a rich microtechnological formula that easily removes scratches, small matted parts, chemical degradation and stains thanks to the nano polymers. Scratch Off guarantees a deep gloss and long-lasting protection on the treated surface.


Direction for use
Apply Scratch Off by hand or with a polisher directly on the surface to be treated. By hand: dampen the cloth with water, apply a small amount of Scratch Off and gently rub the part to be treated, one area at a time. Continue the application until all the product is absorbed, taking care not to damage the treated area. We recommend an additional coat of Glossy to achieve a superior shine and protection. With the polisher: follow the instructions for manual application without dampening the soft, black wavy buffer.


Packaging 250 g
Code Item 75533


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