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Sanitizing detergent with peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide, broad-spectrum action. Highly alkaline sanitizing detergent, low foaming, with a peracetic acid solution (15%), easy to rinse. Product with a broad-spectrum action on micro-organisms, including bacteria, fungi and yeasts. Can be used as a cold terminal sanitizer for industrial use for equipments, drums, pipes, machinery and also objects and surfaces with specific deodorant and bleaching properties. Particularly suited for CIP systems with automatic injection dispensing systems.


Direction for use
Proceed as follows for washing systems with recirculation and automatic dosing:
1. Rinse the system with water.
2. Wash with a recirculation method with a minimum solution at 0.8% of Blanc X6 in cold water (20-25°C) for at least 5 minutes in terms of application time.
3. Drain and rinse thoroughly with drinking water.
To wash tanks, tiled surfaces, floors, etc. with sponges or scrubbers: dilute the product from 1% to 4% (10-40 ml per l).

CAUTION: not suitable for use on materials containing copper and on light metals such as aluminium. Always rinse surfaces after use (within 1 hour).


Packaging Code Item
Jerry-can 5 kg 76923
Jerry-can 25 kg 76924

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