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Alkaline low-foaming detergent with a sanitizing action and active chlorine. Suitable for CIP and non-CIP systems. Alkaline low-foaming detergent that can remove organic and inorganic dirt.


Direction for use
Can be applied by hand, with a sprayer, by immersion and recirculation. Use solutions from 1.6% (about 600 mg/l of active chlorine) to 4.2% (about 1600 mg/l of active chlorine) of product, according to the amount and hardness of the deposits to be removed. The recommended contact time is 5 min for 4.2% solutions to 30 minutes for 1.6% solutions with water at 20°C. The foam obtained by using the product in specific foam-forming equipment. Follow the operating instructions of the equipment used to adjust the amount of product and foam. Then rinse.


Packaging Code Item
Jerry-can 5 kg 76926
Jerry-can 25 kg 76927

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