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Concentrated anti-felting fabric conditioner with a fresh effect for 8 weeks*.

Essential to protect clothes over time and thanks to its special scented microcapsules, you’ll enjoy a long-lasting fresh feeling, even after 8 weeks*. Prevents natural felting when used on a regular basis. Its specific action can thoroughly nourish fabrics and smoothen fibres, to ensure they stay soft, prevent clothes from shrinking and provide a feeling of softness.
*After the items have been closed in a wardrobe for 8 weeks. The fragrance microcapsule effect.



Direction for use
Doses for household washing machine / hand wash: 20 – 80 ml (1/4 – 1 cap, 1 dosing cap = 80 ml) every 5-10 kg of laundry.


Packaging Code Item Lov Lime Code Item Lov Fresh Code Item Lov Tropic
1650 ml Bottle + 80 ml dispenser cap (3 pcs) 77154 77162 77158


Washing machine Doses
4-5 kg 20 ml (1/4 cap) 82 washings
4-5 kg 40 ml (1/2 cap) Extra Protection / Extra Softness
6-8 kg 40 ml (1/2 cap) 41 washings
6-8 kg 80 ml (1 cap) Extra Protection / Extra Softness


Hand wash Doses
10 kg 20 ml (1/4 cap)


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