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What has been happening recently is truly surreal. Everyone seems to be living some kind of dystopian science fiction film where the darkest fantasy has merged with reality to force us to live locked up in our homes, in quarantine, to go out only with permission, to be afraid …
This is SARS-CoV-2 and it is a virus, or rather, a new Corona Virus capable of triggering the so-called Covid-19, a respiratory syndrome. “Some people become infected but don’t develop any symptoms. The symptoms are generally mild, especially in children and young adults, and develop slowly. Approximately 1 in 5 people [20%] with COVID-19 become seriously ill and have difficulty breathing, thereby requiring admission to hospital.” (Source: Ministry of Health)

In line with the government’s recommendations to deal with the pandemic related to COVID-19, even the simplest and most common warnings are now becoming extremely important.
In the “ten golden rules” to follow to try and contain the spread of the virus, the following warnings clearly stand out:

  • stay home (with various hashtags launched on social networks: #stayhome, #istayhome)
  • wash your hands frequently
  • do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth
  • avoid close contact, keeping the minimum distance of 1 metre from other people
  • do not shake hands or hug each other
  • avoid crowded places
  • cover your mouth and nose with a disposable tissue when sneezing or coughing or, alternatively, do so in the fold your elbow
  • clean touched surfaces frequently and regularly.

And staying home, or going out if needed and/or for work, the various measures that each one of us tries to take in an attempt to contain the spread of the virus include those related to cleansing and sanitation of one’s body (especially our hands) and the environment in and around which we move.

Cleansing and hygienising have now become some of the most clicked and searched words on the web in this period of the coronavirus pandemic. A virus that travels via airborne particles of saliva (droplets) that we may breathe in directly or which fall onto various surfaces.

With some of its products dedicated to hygiene and cleaning, Fra-Ber can definitely meet our demands. The first product to mention, which is probably the most sought after in these turbulent weeks, is most definitely your Idra Sany hand sanitiser, which is effective and simple to use. Available in a 5 L jerrycan or as a 100 ml spray, Idra Sany must be poured or sprayed on dry hands and rubbed together for at least 30 seconds according to the standard method (EN 1500) in order to obtain complete coverage of the entire surface and full hygienisation. The special formula does not contain colourants and its perfume is allergen-free. It is extremely hydrating, thereby avoiding the annoying sensation of dry skin after being used. Naturally, Idra Sany can also be applied via a wall dispenser, which is ideally operated by using your elbows. What’s more, the jerrycan version of Idra Sany is also a surface hygienising product: 1-3 caps diluted in 500 ml of water for daily cleaning; use pure for intensive cleaning.

And since we’re talking about cleaning surfaces, here are other products from the Horeca line for various types of dirt recommended as degreasers and, at the same time, hygienising detergents. Therefore, to remove limescale and hygienise hobs, hoods, ovens, blinds, bathrooms or rims, there’s Forte Sany (also suitable to remove very stubborn dirt from shirt collars and cuffs). Forte Sany comes as a 750 ml spray (with sprayer), a 1-litre bottle (with dispenser) and 5- and 25-litre jerrycans. Important; after hygienising them, surfaces in direct contact with food must be repeatedly rinsed with hot water.
All Sany is a multipurpose hygienising product that is suitable for all washable surfaces. Ensures ultra-fast drying with no marks. Its no-rinse formula is suitable for furniture, doors, tiles, glass, chandeliers, lacquered surfaces, plastic surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms, etc. All Sany does not damage metals and is available in a 750 ml spray bottle (with sprayer), a 1-litre bottle (with dispenser) and 5- and 25-litre jerrycans.
So, make the most of this forced quarantine at home (#stayhome #istayhome) not only to clean and hygienise your hands and body, but also all surfaces with which various objects (from our shoes to the mobile phone of a family a member who has gone to work) come into contact.
But what can we do for our car, which we may be using in this particular period for necessities and/or to go to work?
The car fabrics can be treated with Deotex, a scented hygienising air freshener that eliminates odours from all fabrics such as the smell of smoke, animals, fried foods, etc., without leaving any traces.
Equally important may be the hygienising treatment of the air conditioning system, where mites and other various types of microorganisms may hide in the filters. Fra-Ber can solve this problem with Deotex Plus, a hygienising treatment against bacteria, mould, bad odours and harmful agents dispersed from the car’s air conditioning system. With these latest car care products for interiors, we do not want and we cannot say for certain that this is a sanitising and hygienising solution deep enough to eliminate the potential presence of the new Corona Virus, but in doing so, we can make being in the car a more pleasant and agreeable experience, safe in the knowledge that we have still done something to hygienise it.

Also, among its professional products, Fra-Ber recommends the alkaline detergent foam Blanc X3 Mousse to remove organic and non-organic dirt. Its foam allows for long contact, guaranteeing deep and hygienising cleaning of various surfaces, floors, walls, systems, equipment, and bodywork of trucks and cars.

Another professional product is Floppy Plus, a polishing and hygienising product for all surfaces and fabrics. It is a multipurpose neutral pH product that guarantees deep, hygienising cleaning without leaving streaks. Its no-rinse formula is suitable for surfaces in homes, industries and vehicles (dashboards, furniture, doors, seats, etc.). Floppy Plus does not contain ammonia and is low-foaming, which means it is ideal for use with extraction systems, max cleaning guns or dry cleaning systems.

Strong, safe, convenient and innovative, Fra-Ber products are excellent allies in everyday life: a life that has recently been turned upside down and that now, more than ever, needs cleaning, hygiene and care to every detail. Nothing, from hands to clothing, to the surfaces in your homes, must be ignored: stay home and take care of your belongings. All it takes is a few precautions to protect everyone’s health: #istayhome and hygienise because, in the end, #everythingwillbeokay.