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The multipurpose disinfectant that eliminates viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi specifically tested against coronavirus. Unique on the market, with medical surgical device.

The health crisis is still underway and the challenges for this autumn/winter are present with all of their strength and hardships. In order to safely deal with these challenges, it is crucial to keep paying attention to the cleaning, hygienising and disinfection of the objects which surround us and of the places we live in. Many of us spend many hours in our vehicle, whether it be a car, truck, van etc., going to work in offices, workshops and factories to then go back home and still today – and probably for many months to come – it will be extremely crucial for oneself and for others to remain vigilant.

Fra-Ber has never stopped working throughout these months to guarantee the best cleanliness and hygiene conditions and has achieved important goals to help resolve not only new problems which we’ve all needed to learn how to cope with, but also to make all our activities safer. Clean, hygienise and disinfect are in fact three intelligent actions necessary to get back to leading our daily lives, not only now, but also when the COVID-19 crisis is over, so as to cast away the ghosts of that which we hope soon to be just a very bad memory.

And so, to meet the many needs which this “extraordinary” moment calls for, but also to always be sure of operating in a clean and safe environment, even when the situation goes back to normal, Fra-Ber has created an absolutely innovative product, perfect for use in many situations and in different environments, a multipurpose disinfectant designed in the Research and Development laboratories of the Bergamo-based company, by the name DEOTEX SANY, capable of eliminating bacteria, yeasts and fungi, but also – among the very few present on the market today- viruses.

Going back to school, reopening businesses – together with the desire of returning to one’s life and habits – and, unfortunately, the temporary growth of numbers which allege a greater circulation of the virus responsible for Covid-19 compared to the pre-summer period, oblige us to act responsibly through social distancing and the intelligent use of facemasks, which can and must not only involve the behaviour of various persons, but also the action of those who, inside schools, work environments, restaurants, bars, etc. must guarantee the maximum hygiene and cleanliness.

Thanks to its absolutely peculiar features, DEOTEX SANY (Medical Surgical Device [PMC], Ministry of Health registration no. 20611) is capable of disinfecting all the treated parts and has been specifically tested against coronaviruses.

DEOTEX SANY is a strong and safe ally for all operators (even institutional/professional) who for work – school, offices, shops, gyms, spas, cars, trucks, taxis, ambulances, airplanes, trains, buses – or for their own private vehicle or for their home, etc., need and want to guarantee not only simple hygiene, but also to reach a superior level implementing a real disinfection of the environment and of the various surfaces.

Directions for use: DEOTEX SANY must be applied on a clean surface from about 20 cm away, letting it act for different amounts of time according to the different needs. Furthermore the 250 ml bottle is provided with a “one-shot” valve which, if necessary, allows you to dispense the product until the bottle – once locked – completely empties. During this operation – with the spray can upright and doors and windows closed in the area to be treated – it is recommended stay away from the environment being disinfected (passenger compartment, room, etc.) and at the end of the operation, to air it out for at least five minutes before going back in.

Available in two different sizes, 400 ml spray can and 250 ml spray can (with “one-shot” valve), DEOTEX SANY will very soon become your best ally.