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That of FRA-BER was an “Open-day” designed to make the company known especially by professionals, customers and suppliers but also by all those who want to know something more about a leading company in the field of Car Care (but also nautical, horeca, domestic and industrial fields) located in the area of Bergamo.

The company was founded in the 80’s (later establishing itself as FRA-BER in 1992) on the initiative of Franco Berton and Norma Benedetti and today their children Marta and Gabriele are working in the company as well. It was thanks to them and their entire staff that many people had the possibility to discover the new headquarter opened in Antegnate about a year ago.
A company that, since its birth, has embraced the principles of quality and innovation, an innovation that today strictly coincides with the concept of “eco-sustainability”, of which Fra-ber is a strong supporter.

Fra-ber is a company that produces its own products (there are many companies in the sector that buy from third parties and then trade products using their own brand) and it is the only one to have developed some patents related to the world of Car-Care. This made Fra-Ber not only the main character, but also an excellence of the market. In fact, in recent years, some lines have been created, both professional and “do-it-yourself”. These ranges include enzymes-based products, protein molecules naturally present in all living cells, which act as accelerators of a biochemical reaction and are capable of facilitating dirt disintegration and removal, attacking it in a completely different way from that of a normal chemical-based surfactant.

The new headquarter in Antegnate covers an area of over 10.000 mq, among which about 6.000 are covered and organised in several floors; here took place Fra-Ber open day, characterized by seminars, guided tour and the presentation of new lines and products.

Everything starts with the arrival of raw materials which, after being controlled quantitatively, are analysed through a sample collection and immediately sent to the chemical laboratory (present in the company/headquarter) in order to check possible impurities. After receiving confirmation, the next step regards the stock of the different components (further involved in the production) in external silos or in the warehouse.

The new company is “industry 4.0” and, for this reason, it uses systems capable of ensuring the highest performances in terms of quality and mass customization. Every aspect and every phase of the production (from the arrival of raw materials to the delivery of finished product) is controlled by computerised systems, which grant quality, safety and absolute precision. The “receipt” of every product, the needed/ necessary quantities of raw materials, the order of entry into the various mixers and the “rest” and “activation” times are no more entrusted to the experience of operators but to the superior control of the machines, which follow each individual phase. Among the many advantages, there is one that concerns safety because it is precisely the people working in the production phase, who benefit most from the various cyber-physical systems that also protect their well-being.

Even though it has expanded significantly, Fra-ber continues to be managed by the Berton Family. As a company, it represents a consolidated reality in the area of Bergamo with a market that looks at all countries and a growth forecast of 10% per year for the next future. A company that few years ago preferred to choose where to invest despite the “sirens” of neighbouring countries and a reality which decided to invest in Italy because our skills (employees, technicians, chemists, engineers…) and the fact of being “made in Italy” remain an unbeatable value.


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