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More than three years after its opening, the eccentric Garage Italia Customs, the cars Atelier founded by Lapo Elkann and located in the historic Agip service station in Piazzale Accursio (Milan), keeps being talked about. It took three years of renovation under the expert guide of architect Michele De Lucchi, to bring the old distributor back to its original splendour.

A structure, that of the giant Agip, where the Supercortemaggiore – a totally made in Italy gasoline – was sold, whose external renovation, ahead of Garage Italia Customs opening, has fully respected its original colour and the typical U-shaped roof. Maintained, besides, the delightful 50s taste of its internal environments, still very palpable and moreover exalted by an eccentric modernization, through real touches of style: we refer, for example, to the footprint toy complete with models that runs the ceiling for 35 meters, the shape of the famous Ferrari 250 GTO’s nose placed in the cocktail preparation area or of the two seats of Ferrari 599 GTO, transformed into armchairs.

Garage Italy Customs represents an irresistible triad: design, cars and food. The 1700 sq.m. Structure, in fact, winds from the bottom to the top starting from the basement factory, which deals with the exhibition of custom-made cars, up to the street-level Café and the restaurant with a first floor terrace.

A star restaurant, that of Garage Italia Customs, and not only as a figure of speech: for instance, its management is entrusted to the star Chef Carlo Cracco, who has designed a totally ad hoc menu. A speedometer represents the paper restaurant where all the dishes are subdivided in 5 groups – land, air, water, sweets and customs. All the plates’ names send back in the great world of the motors: Tagliatelle Millemiglia, Turbina Vegetables and raw meat 46, as a tribute to the multiple champion Valentino Rossi.

The idea of Agnelli family, in the figure of Lapo Elkann, was to recreate a real car boutique where customers have the possibility to customize their car in every single detail, both in terms of exteriors and interiors, therefore making it unique and inimitable.
It is not a case, then, that a large corner of the café area on the ground floor is dedicated to the so-called Materioteca, an exhibition of the infinite palette of colours, materials (tissue/fabrics), plates and decorations of cars, where every idea of personalization becomes reality: a real boutique where to choose carefully every refinement. A contour to the personalization of vehicles, a breathtaking design and a food & cocktail area to enjoy.

In the automotive world, a department dedicated to the care of the most prestigious cars can’t miss! This is how the “Haute Detailing “is born, in cooperation with Marcello Mereu, a master detailer who holds a great passion and an avant-grade detailing vision, always looking for new techniques and work tools with the aim to achieve optimal results, according to every need.

Garage Italia Customs is an experience of continuous surprise: everything inside is the result of a careful study, aimed at totally involving the customer. Let’s consider for example the possibility to experience the Ferrari driving simulator, the lifts with leather seats or the toilet made with the details of the Riva motorboat. An exciting combination of car and taste, open from 9 am to 2 am: not only a tailor-made car workshop but also a place to stay together and enjoy a creative and intriguing atmosphere, for car enthusiasts and not only…


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