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Summer is in the air: to bring with you, three hygienizing products for surfaces, hands and air conditioning systems designed by FRA-BER. For your holidays, in complete safety!

Unfortunately, it is a fact: the Covid-19 epidemic has caused significant changes to many of our habits and, among the styles and methods that we are rethinking there is also the way in which we are taking and, above all, will take our holidays. In fact, according to some surveys, but also simply by talking to people, many Italians will change their vacation habits to search for less crowded places, less affected by mass tourism, beaches and mountain resorts far from the usual “circuits” thus sacrificing in some cases the classic art cities with their exhibitions, museums and shops.

“Plein Air” is one of the keywords of the post lockdown summer season, a need resulting from the fear of being able to contract the virus in closed and common places. More than that: how and where to spend the night and the means by which to move will also be affected by the Covid-19 emergency. A natural reduced inclination to take the train and the plane than in the past and sometimes still not full confidence in hotel facilities. Therefore, holidays made with your own means of transport, apartment rentals, but even more so those made in a camper, capable of providing freedom of movement and space like few others, will be the ways in which to advantage of this very peculiar situation.

The use of “houses on wheels”, in fact, is – and is expected to be – clearly increasing due to the option of combining the words holidays and safety together. Campers (and caravans) are private, personal spaces that no one else can access. A unique feature in several ways, which provides those who use it with the opportunity to fully enjoy their break from work commitments without further worries.

In any case, whatever the means of transport, the structures and the destinations chosen, the need to sanitise and safeguard your own health and that of your loved ones remains the priority. At Fra-Ber we know this well and for over 30 years we have been producing effective cleaning products for targeted cleaning and, as of a few months, in line with the demands and needs of the “Covid-19” era.

In particular, the company has launched specific products on the market that comply with the official memorandum of the Ministry of Health of 22/02/2020, which requires their alcohol content to be in a percentage of not less than 75% to sanitise surfaces and not less than 70% for hand hygienising. To always carry with you during your travels (whether for holidays or otherwise), Fra-Ber recommends three specific products for a thorough room cleaning and personal care.

The first product should be held and used by all at least twice a year (during seasonal changes) and even more so during these very trying times: Deotex Plus (aerosol) it is not a new addition to the Fra-Ber catalogue, but it is certainly the best ally for cleaning the air conditioning system of cars, campers, vans, trucks and buses. Thanks to Deotex Plus, Fra-Ber provides high quality air conditioning inside the passenger compartment of our vehicle, camper, van or truck. Thanks to its remarkable purifying power, combined with its deodorising action, Deotex Plus immediately eliminates agents that would be otherwise spread inside the car by an untreated and not thoroughly cleaned air conditioning system, agents that are harmful to our health, eliminating the source of bad smells and without damaging plastics and fabrics.

Equally as effective and powerful, All sany Alcohol is a fast-acting multipurpose hygienising product designed in the Fra-Ber laboratories for a thorough cleaning that leaves surfaces shiny, clean and hygienised. Suitable for H.A.C.C.P. environments, All Sany Alcohol is free of colouring agents and allergens, perfect for safely removing germs and bacteria and for use inside your camper on a variety of surfaces. All Sany Alcohol does not require any rinsing and therefore combines speed with strength. Designed for thorough hygienising, it is highly effective without resorting to particularly aggressive chemical agents, All Sany Alcohol promotes the removal of germs and bacteria by removing dirt.

For personal care, Fra-Ber instead recommends Idra Sany: it is an extremely effective and easy-to-use hydrating and hygienising detergent, available in both liquid and gel versions. An alcohol-based product with an alcohol content that varies from a minimum of 70% for the 100 ml and 1L package to a minimum of 75% for the 5 litre tank for professional use and is specifically suitable for solving a variety of issues due to the Covid-19 emergency. Idra Sany protects and softens (the hands) thanks to its moisturising components with a formula free of colouring agents and a perfume that does not contain allergens. The professional 5L version is also suitable for all types of H.A.C.C.P. surfaces and resistant to alcohol such as work surfaces, counters, tiles, dashboards and fabrics of cars, trucks, campers, etc.