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Multicyd sany and Multicyd sany fog hygienising degreasers and purifiers for cold micro sprayers and fumigation machines.

The health emergency caused by Covid-19 which we all suddenly had to deal with, will probably continue to affect our routine and our daily lives still for a long time to come. In the next few months, all of us, common citizens and/or owners of companies, bars, restaurants, gyms, offices, etc. will have to implement a series of actions capable of making the environments where we pass the day more healthy: this way home, workplaces, vehicles we drive must not only be clean, but effectively made healthy. Indeed ensuring thorough hygienising will be fundamental, naturally including car washes which must play an important role in this delicate time. The same care taken for sanitising and hygienising required inside workplaces must also be pursued for vehicles, whether private or company cars, vans and trucks.

In order to meet all of these needs, Fra-Ber has designed two products capable of guaranteeing the maximum hygienising level by means of two different products, but which have a lot in common. Specifically, Multicyd Sany and Multicyd Sany Fog.

Multicyd Sany is a concentrated hygienising degreaser and purifier for the quick cleaning and deep hygiene of surfaces. It leaves vehicles (cars, motorbikes, campers, trucks, etc), offices, homes, gyms and bins clean, hygienised and scented. It can be used by applying it with a normal cloth, sprayer or with professional spraying and extraction systems. Also particularly effective for those seeking deep hygiene by removing, together with dirt, germs and bacteria, responsible for unpleasant odours in fabrics, faux leather, Skai artificial leather, dashboards and in the different surfaces of all types of environments.

This cleaning product is also suitable for areas subject to H.A.C.C.P. regulation. The active ingredient does not contain aldehydes or halogens which is why it can be used in food processing environments with indirect contact with food. The formula’s ingredients attack filth, promoting its solubilisation and removal from surfaces. The mechanical action of the cloth exerted by the operator removes, not only dirt, but also germs and bacteria on the treated surface.

As mentioned, Multicyd Sany can also be applied with professional spraying and extraction systems such as the Cold Micro sprayer (otherwise called electric vaporiser) designed to sanitise and disinfect closed environments and vehicles. In this case, the turbine system guarantees the product is drawn from the tank, sprayed and dispensed to generate a dry mist with very small suspended particles. Used with Multicyd Sany, it hygienises offices, clinics, public spaces, businesses, vehicles, etc.

To achieve the 100% dry affect, the cold micro sprayer should be used in “LOW” mode. This way, the mist generated by the device will be completely dry. This makes the device suitable for use in any type of closed room or environment and perfect for offices, clinics, bars or hotel rooms.

There is also the “fog” version, Multicyd Sany Fog which is a decontaminant for atmospheric use with a pleasantly scented dense smoke. It is the same active ingredient as the standard version, but was formulated for use with fumigation/fogging machines

What is fumigation?
Fumigation is a disinfestation method consisting of completely saturating an area to suffocate or poison all the parasites and germs inside.
Fumigation machines transform the product into a very light mist which completely envelops the previously closed area where it is dispersed, thus producing a strong and deep hygienising effect. This mist remains suspended in the environment (whether it be a car, home, office, gym, boat etc.) for several hours, cleaning it of all impurities both in the air and on surfaces. Thanks to its features, the product (in the form of mist) can reach any angle, any surface or wall, much more effectively than any type of spray can. Of course when the procedure is over, the treated area must be aired out before being accessed again.