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Anticorrosive degreaser for steel and aluminium. Essential detergent to clean and degrease ovens, cookers, along with floors and tiles. Dissolves food-based stains such as proteins, fat, cooking deposits and burnt residues. With its special inhibiting agent it can also be used on aluminium.


Direction for use
• Regular cleaning of surfaces: 30 – 90 ml (1-3 caps, 1 dosing cap = 30 ml) in 4 l of water.
• Intense cleaning (surfaces / wet method: manually or with a machine) 120 – 480 ml (4-16 caps, 1 dosing cap = 30 ml) in 8L of water.
• Maintenance treatment: use undiluted, preheat the oven, grill, etc. at 30°C and turn off. Foam up the product on the surface, leave for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
• Cleaning after construction work / deep cleaning: 1L in 8L of cold water. Apply the solution on the floor, leave for about 10 minutes, rub, vacuum clean any deposits of dirt, rinse thoroughly with clean water. In case of stubborn dirt, water at 40-60°C accelerates the action of the product. In case of grease or protein deposits, use the product with the specified concentration (cold) and apply hot water via the machine’s tank when cleaning the floors.
• Cleaning with a foam sprayer and non-foam sprayers: apply with a dilution ratio from 1:4 to 1:10.
PLEASE NOTE: Cleaned surfaces intended for food preparation must be thoroughly rinsed with water (8 l per m2).


Packaging Code Item
1 l Bottle + 30 ml dispenser cap (6 pcs) 77086
Jerry-can 5 kg 77087
Jerry-can 25 kg 77088

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