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Ultra strong degreaser for steel and surfaces resistant to alkalis. Alkaline detergent to clean and degrease ovens, cookers, floors and tiles. Dissolves food-based stains such as proteins, fat, cooking deposits and burnt residues.


Direction for use
• Regular cleaning: 30 – 90 ml (1-3 caps, 1 cap = 30 ml) in 4 l of water.
• Intense cleaning (surfaces / wet method: manually or with a machine): 120 – 480 ml (4-16 caps, 1 cap = 30 ml) in 8 l of water.
• Maintenance treatment: use undiluted, preheat the oven, grill, etc. Turn off at 30°C. Foam up the product on the surface, leave for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
• Cleaning after construction work / deep cleaning: 1 l in 8 l of cold water. Apply the solution on the floor, leave for about 10 minutes, rub, remove any dirt, rinse thoroughly with water. In case of stubborn grease, use water at 40-60° C. In case of grease or protein deposits, use the product with the specified concentration (cold) and apply hot water via the machine’s tank when cleaning floors.
• Cleaning with a foam sprayer and non-foam sprayers: apply with a dilution ratio from 1:4 to 1:10.
CAUTION: Cleaned surfaces intended for food preparation must be thoroughly rinsed with water (8 l per m2). Do not apply on aluminium surfaces or surfaces not resistant to alkalis.


Packaging Code Item
1 l Bottle + 30 ml dispenser cap (6 pcs) 77090
Jerry-can 5 kg 77091
Jerry-can 25 kg 77092


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