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Cleans and waxes with a repairing effect on wooden floors: cleans, polishes and protects. Concentrated detergent that ensures a gentle cleaning action whilst filling in small scratches and abrasions that cause the floor to lose its shine. It forms a protective film that is self-polishing, resistant, anti-stain and anti-skid. Can also be used undiluted for basic maintenance and spray cleaning.


Direction for use
Regular cleaning: 30 – 180 ml (1-6 caps, 1 dosing cap = 30 ml) in 8 l of water.
Intense cleaning: 780 ml in 8 l of water.

As a treatment
Use only on dry floors, distribute the product, undiluted or diluted 1:1 using a mop, preventing the product from drying on the mop itself.
Basic maintenance: depending on the degree of absorption of the floor, 1-2 applications, wait 30’ in-between applications.
Post-protection after intense cleaning: 2-3 applications, wait 30’ in-between applications.
Spray cleaning: dilute 90 – 120 ml (3-4 caps, 1 dosing cap = 30 ml) in 500 ml of cold water, apply with sprayer and high-speed machine (1000 rev/min).
Polishing: the dry protective film can be intensified through polishing with a high-speed machine (1000 rev/min) and the Multi-Disc.


Packaging Code Item
1 l Bottle + 30 ml dispenser cap (6 pcs) 76941
Jerry-can 5 kg 76942
Jerry-can 25 kg 76943



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