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Multipurpose floor detergent, rinse-free and eliminates odours. Concentrated scented detergent suitable for any kind of floor. Quickly and easily eliminates layers of soap, oil and grease stains, dries quickly. Thanks to its special molecules it eliminates odours quickly and durably. Indeed, they are reactivated with water or humidity to provide the feeling of a fresh environment. Suitable to clean floors made of stoneware, concrete, limestone, siliceous stone, as well as parquet, linoleum and rubber floors.



Direction for use
Regular cleaning for wet, normal or machine method: 60 – 120 ml (2-4 caps, 1 dosing cap = 30 ml) in 8/10 l of water.
Intense cleaning: 120 – 270 ml (4-9 caps, 1 dosing cap = 30 ml) in 8 l of water.


Packaging Code Item Ocean Code Item Tiarè Code Item Flower
1 l Bottle + 30 ml dispenser cap (6 pcs) 76929 76960 76964
Jerry-can 5 l 76930 76961 76965
Jerry-can 25 l 76931 76962 76966



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