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Buffered detergent to thoroughly clean surfaces resistant to acids at an industrial level. Acid cleaner with anticorrosive agent for porous and micro-porous surfaces resistant to acids. Acts by dissolving limescale deposits, dirt and cement powder with a deep and immediate cleaning action. Also suitable for ceramic floors and glazed tiles.


Direction for use
• Regular cleaning: 30 – 60 ml in 8 l of water.
• Intense cleaning: 150 – 300 ml in 8 l of water.
• Cleaning after construction work: 1-2 l in 8 l of water. Apply the solution, rub, wipe and rinse with clean water.
CAUTION: For delicate surfaces, first test on a hidden area.


Packaging Code Item
1 l Bottle + 30 ml dispenser cap (6 pcs) 77025
Jerry-can 5 kg 77026
Jerry-can 25 kg 77429