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Fra-Ber - Patented Fra-Ber - Patented
Its formula is for those looking for a prewash with the perfect power and foam for touchless systems using a single product:

  • It is suitable for foam systems (manual or self-service) or touchless systems: in a single product, it washes the bodywork and rims while removing insects, saving time and money.
  • It forms persistent hybrid foam, consisting of micro-bubbles that cling to the surface for a long time, removing even the most persistent static dirt on the gaskets, plastic parts and rims.
  • It contains anticorrosive agents and is free from SODIUM HYDROXIDE (and NTA)* to leave the surface bright and shiny with a polish effect.
  • It is slightly scented to give a long-lasting clean feeling.
  • Contains surfactants with biodegradability according to regulation 648/2004.



  • Mix the product well in water.
  • Prewash: from 1:40 to 1:60.
  • Automatic washing: emollient/rims 4-20 ml/car.
  • Automatic touchless washing: 80-210 ml/car.
  • Self-service systems: 30 – 80 ml/car.
  • Sprayer rims: 1:20 (5%).
  • Sprayer insects: 1:30 (3%).
  • Foam lance from 1:2 a 1:9 (100 ml/lt – 350 ml/lt).

Attention: it is not suitable for motorcycles. If used on dark, old and oxidised paint, it is recommended to cool the surface with water jets before applying the product.

* May contain traces.

Packaging Item Code
Jerry-can 25 kg 79875

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