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It is working in detail, step after step.
Cleaning, polishing and maintenance aimed at aesthetically and structurally preserving the finishes of the most diverse internal and external surfaces of motorcycles and cars.

Metal, fabric, wood, leather, plastic, rubber. Each material corresponds to precise procedures and specific products, designed, studied and developed from pure passion and technological research, with the goal of obtaining unparalleled results.

What does detailing mean to us? Improved performance, optimised results and minimised time to achieve them. For this reason, using the new Detailing line by Fra-Ber, InnovaCar means participating in the discovery of the new horizons that only the most recent patented technologies can have access to.


The techniques, equipment, quantities of product and objectives set may change based on the specific case. The only thing that remains constant are the 5 steps of Detailing work:

  1. Washing.
  2. Decontamination.
  3. Polishing.
  4. Protection.
  5. Maintenance.

The careful execution of each of these steps allows for subsequent greater effectiveness and durability over time.


The first step is careful washing of the interior and exterior surfaces in order to eliminate various types of residues and surface contaminations (road dirt, insect residues, superficial contaminations, etc.). No surface is left behind and no accessory is forgotten: glass, tyres, chrome-plating but also leather and plastic interiors and mouldings will be thoroughly cleaned to prepare a perfect working base.

In Fra-Ber, we implement a two-step process called “double cleaning”, starting with a pre-wash using our SP1 Prewash, which eliminates any stubborn dirt which could damage the surfaces if mechanical action becomes necessary. As a result, it is possible to cleanse and remove any impurities and organic dirt using a glove, a sponge, etc. with the S2 Foamy foam shampoo.

There is always one constant: the utmost attention to the surfaces on which we work.

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Despite often being neglected, decontamination is probably the most important steps of the process, as it allows us to obtain a surface that is better capable of accommodating the subsequent treatment steps.

Its task is to act on residues such as resins, iron, tar, glue or oxidation that the washing phase could not eliminate and which make the surface slightly smooth and silky.
The result? A beautiful, luminous car that looks like it just left the assembly line.

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We often see vehicles with streaks, holograms, marks or other, even though they have already been polished. Just as often, it is believed this is inevitable, or in any case normal. Nothing could be more untrue – you just need to use the right techniques and the right products.

Polishing lets us not only remove oxidation and scratches, but also obtain a perfectly smooth, bright surface that is ready for effective treatment.
If this step were not carried out carefully and accurately, even the best nanotechnological product would surely give unsatisfactory results.

Whether you are talking about a car, a motorbike, a camper or a boat, it is important to first of all define the situation, developing the best, most effective and fastest solution based on your budget.


Even the best work on indoor or outdoor surfaces will have a limited duration if not protected.
The choice of treatment with which to proceed depends strongly on your goals in terms of durability, brilliance and ease of maintenance. Based on these considerations, we can choose whether wax, a sealing treatment or a (ceramic) coating is more suitable. Resistance to UV rays, ageing, atmospheric or water pollution, dirt and scratches? We can decide together thanks to this highly customisable step!

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Your vehicle is treated and ready! But how long will the effect of treatment last?
Maintaining maximum performance will be a matter of a few, simple and quick moves, through a few but precious treatments with balanced detergents, quick detailer lubricants and delicate accessories.