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Fra-Ber means quality.

Fra-Ber designed its products based on an analysis of market demand. The aim is to offer cleaning products for a wide range of sectors: from the automotive to the nautical one, including care of the house or more professional markets such as industrial cleaning.

The first guarantee that Fra-Ber offers its customers is the extension of the entire production cycle, which takes place entirely within the company and every stage focuses on quality, the focal point of each operating and manufacturing phase, starting from the core of the company: an in-house lab that collects information directly from the field and reprocesses it immediately, turning it into formulas. Along with the lab, at Fra-Ber each area has specific equipment required to monitor both incoming and outgoing materials, from production, to the introduction of material into jerry-cans, packaging and the performance of key quality tests to launch top quality products on the market. With this in mind, Fra-Ber intends to constantly improve its advanced production management system, so as to increasingly meet the demands of customers.


Research or how to shape the future

Fra-Ber is constantly focused on innovation, which means that within the company there is constant attention to R&D – the origin and goal of our entire business. We have an advanced in-house research centre, which we challenge every day: turning every idea into a product used for cleaning and taking care of cars, motorcycles, boats and the house effectively and reliably.

This daily challenge must lead to products that are the tangible result of a perfectly organised internal structure led by a strategic overall vision, so that no aspect is overlooked.

We constantly focus on progress and innovation

in terms of products and materials. Our research processes are structured in stages of study and analysis. We like basing our assumptions on the future on the valuable background we have as a corporate asset. After each stage of analysis, the results are critically rethought, in a context where experiences are valued and exchanged. This is the only way we can develop cutting-edge standards and meet new requirements in the field of cleaning, hygiene and energy savings.


Innovative products that look good.

Fra-Ber has an unmistakable Italian-made style. One of Fra-Ber’s main missions is to seek innovative solutions not just in terms of product formulation, but also in terms of aesthetics. Precisely for this reason, the company’s marketing department is constantly looking for original input to be applied to each item to make it unique on the market in all its aspects: materials, shapes, technology, design, packaging…everything is made in Italy. Moreover, the marketing department is also supported by a team of communication experts who process all the information in order to launch products on the market as best as possible, by planning and choosing the most suitable communication means that promote Fra-Ber among the general public.


Unique and irreplaceable products, which is why they are protected.

Fra-Ber is proud of its creations, hence it protects them by patenting and defending its product range. Its best-known patented products include:

Aktiv-E, a range of car care products with active enzymes.

BrilliantUV wax and EurofluUV anti-freeze product with UV sublimators.

Marta La Farfalla and Bean, car fresheners with a copyright-protected design.


Created in a family, developed in the world.

There are 60 Fra-ber dealers with sole agents distributed across Italy, plus a presence in 60 importing countries abroad – which all have their own warehouse and logistic structures. Fra-Ber chose to work in close contact with its sales network to promptly meet the real needs expressed by customers, also through the creation of specific products. Fra-Ber, which often has long-standing relationships based on great customer loyalty, has a strong bond with its sales force – in many cases already at the “second generation”, specifically structured to achieve these ambitious goals together. Fra-Ber promotes respect for people, exchanging ideas, training and ongoing professional development for its partners. It constantly protects the areas assigned to each one of them, with a full transparent approach and by sharing a big project. Our network turned from being a simple sales force to a real consultancy channel that can promptly meet market demands.