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Passion, talent, commitment, collaboration and above all Family: a Family Company.

This is how Fra-Ber was founded, in 1992.

Fra-Ber comes from a great passion and above all from the idea of Mr. Franco to create a company that could sell important products. This entrepreneurial and deeply creative enlightenment, comes from some experiences lived by Franco Berton during his childhood and early youth; it was precisely during this time that he first helped his father in his job washing cars and then as manager of the car product department in a famous chain of supermarkets. It was precisely during this last experience that Franco was inspired to create innovative products, to meet the ever increasing and specific demands of the general public. So, animated by a great spirit of change, he began his career as a chemist and during this process he created some of the most famous formulations that are still at the base of the Fra-Ber core business, patented over time to preserve them from competitors.

“My passion has given me the strength to create a company, my experience the ability to understand each role.” Fra-Ber CEO

At Fra-Ber, each department is manned by a member of the Berton Family. This is so that every day, all employees feel part of a large family and not just of a large group; where everyone is driven by the commitment to always want to do better, where there is a tangible spirit of cooperation and especially each person is taken into consideration as such and valued for their own, very personal talent.

“Determination and commitment. It is the secret for future generations.” Fra-Ber Administrative Director.

Fra-Ber is a company for which one can potentially work for a lifetime. This direct experience of administrative director, who speaks of a tireless commitment to a challenging and rewarding assignment, at the head of a department consisting of young, dynamic and enterprising personnel, specifically trained to carry the Fra-Ber flag high throughout the course of the natural generational change.

“I will never tire of discovering new markets and meeting new customers” and then again “Every day I encourage my team to do research, to visit clients and to provide a professional service” Fra-Ber Sales Director.

Fra-Ber today is a large group, which operates in over 60 countries, and exports 60% of its production thanks to the trust that customers worldwide have placed in a company that never gives up inventiveness, promoter of the idea that innovation should never end.

This has been possible thanks to the intuition of putting a person with an aptitude for travelling, curious of all that is “other” both culturally and geographically, in charge of the department. The incentive was to discover new places while the result contextually, was to open new markets and meet new customers.

Great results, great goals, achieved thanks to a team with a strong international imprint, consisting of people who believe in cooperation and that are able to see all the opportunities that arise before them.

“Fra-Ber is like a person: professional, attentive to innovation and trust.” Marketing & Advertising Director.

How do you create an advertising project with a fresh and captivating appeal, aimed at continuous expansion as a result of the implementation of the range offered by Fra-Ber?

“As a child I used to repeat by heart the adverts that I saw on Tv and bought magazines only to see the print campaigns of major brands or because they had a cover that struck me instantly!”

After working in an advertising agency which confirmed the passion for the field of creativity and despite various job opportunities, even the Marketing and Advertising Director decided to make the most of her abilities and skills acquired externally, in the family business. There is no challenge more intriguing than the one that involves us personally and leads us to lavish every resource in favour of an owned brand to be made known to the general public; never forgetting the evaluation of the other elements of the management team and trying to strengthen the collective corporate image.

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