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Remove impurities from bodywork and imparts shine and gloss.

Clay Tech Kit is used before a polishing process to remove excess oxidation, impurities and contaminants from the paint. Choose Red Clay Tech if there is substantial oxidation or impurities, select Blue Clay Tech if there is medium/light oxidation or impurities.


Direction for use
Open the package, take 1/3 or 1/2 of one of the two Clay Tech, moisten with Fra-Ber Fast Detailer, press it and shape it with your fingers until you get a thin disk that is easy to grip. Spray the Fra-Ber Fast Detailer on the paint, rub the paint with the Clay Tech disc with circular movements initially light and gradually more energetic, depending on the state of the paint. Finally, clean using Fra-Ber Fast Detailer. To use the Clay Tech disc, just fold it on itself and press it again to bring the dirt inside the Clay Tech. When the Clay Tech is dirty and full of impurities, throw away the disc and make a new one.


Packaging 2 x 20 pcs
Code Item 75917