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Ultra Hydrophobic Ceramic Coat

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Coating with Si-N-H technology – for highly durable, water repellent and elastic coating results. It is a professional product for those looking for a nanotechnological solution lasting* approximately 48 to 56 months (75,000 km or up to 60 manual washes/automatic washes). In addition, its resistance over time can be extended with SiNH Base Coat up to 9-11 years

With a view to monitoring gloss changes in the coating and its water repellence when it is subjected to an alkali and quartz powder pre-wash, in manual and automatic washing cycles (ISO 20566:2013), a number of certified durability tests were performed in external laboratories. The results obtained from the surfaces treated with our coatings were impressive.

Special finishes; VOC limit values: 840 g/l. VOC content: 396 g/l

*The washing cycles indicated are the result of tests conducted by two independent external laboratories. The first test was performed to check whether the contact angle had changed compared to the initial condition, with washing cycles using SP1 Prewash; the second test was conducted to check whether the coating persisted after automatic washing cycles, with the use of a chemical product and quartz powder in compliance with ISO 20566:2013 with SiNH Hybrid Coat or SiNH Base Coat and SiNH Top Coat.






It is recommended to:

  • Preferably apply the product in a temperature controlled environment (from +5 °C to 25 °C), which is free from contamination, with controlled humidity and properly lit;
  • Frequently replace Micron Suede.
  • Use the Micron 2F this way: the low pile part to remove 80-90% of the product and the long pile part to finish it off.
  • Change the Micron 2F often – every 2 panels on average.
  • Do not treat the surface with dirty or worn cloths.
  • For maximum efficiency, use Innovacar maintenance products only.

Step 1 – Preparing the car (this step must be carried out if not previously done):

  1. Prewash with SP1 Prewash or similar products.
  2. Wash with S2 Foamy to clean the surface.
  3. Chemically decontaminate the surface from tar using D3 Tar; from ferrous residues using D1 Iron and from limescale using DS Scale.
  4. Then mechanically decontaminate the surface with Clay Bar (or Clay Mitt), using DL Lube.
  5. If necessary, polish the car to remove any defects and achieve a perfectly smooth surface.
  6. Remove any traces of residual oil and compound with D2 Check.
  7. Visually check the car to make sure it is perfectly decontaminated, clean and, therefore, ready for applying the ceramic coating.

Step 2 – Applying the ceramic coating:

  1. Apply a few drops of SiNH Top Coat to the Micron Suede, wrapped around the Foam App Block.
  2. Apply the product using the Criss-Cross method (at least 3 times), treating one panel at a time (approximately 50×50 cm).
  3. Allow to polymerise for at least 30 seconds (at high ambient temperatures) and up to a maximum of 2 minutes (at low ambient temperatures), before removing any excess product, if necessary by smoothing with a Micron Buffing Wipe.
  4. If excess product is not properly removed from the surface within 10 minutes, the product can be reapplied, making sure to even it out.

Step 3 – Crosslinking the protective barrier:

  1. After 4 hours, apply the final coat of SC0 Hydro Sealant. This is the final protective layer that is intended to preserve the surface during the complete curing period;
  2. Wait 3-4 hours before leaving the vehicle outside and 7 days before leaving it out in the snow/rain or washing it again, as recommended in the Innovacar maintenance programme.


Use within 6 months of opening, making sure to carefully close the bottle after use and to store the product in a dry place, away from light and heat, at a 5 to 25°C temperature. Always refer to the MSDS and the precautions and instructions provided on the label. To achieve the utmost performance and durability, make sure you always follow the steps of the Innovacar Cyclical System;

The application and user-friendly properties of SiNH products ensure less product application on the car, namely 30 ml of product corresponds to 50 ml of the traditional ceramic coatings available on the market

Packaging Box Code Item
30 ml 3 pcs 700406

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