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Intense detergent to clean carpets and rugs with added enzymes. Intense detergent to deeply clean carpets and rugs. It contains low-foam products that quickly dissolve dirt and act against mites and unpleasant odours. Its special molecules eliminate and break down organic dirt to give you the feeling of a clean environment.


Direction for use
• Extraction method: 0.5 -0.6 l in 8 l of water depending on the dirt. Pour the solution into the tank and spray it on stains. Apply the product by following a pattern of overlapping parallel strips. Straighten crimped areas that are still damp and do not walk on the carpet until it is completely dry. For daily cleaning hover the carpet when it is dry or clean it with the carpet sweeper.
• Fabric pad method: 60 – 120 ml in 1 l of water depending on the amount of dirt. Pour the solution onto the sprayer. Spray the product on a fabric pad and place it under the buffer. Spray a moderate amount of product on around 1 m² of surface and clean with circular movements. Turn or replace the dirty pad.

Can be used on all floors and rugs with textile fibres resistant to humidity and with stable colors.


Packaging Code Item
Jerry-can 5 kg 77170
Jerry-can 25 kg 77171


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