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Limescale remover and descaling product for bathroom fixtures. Strong descaling product containing phosphoric acid, removes limescale deposits in WCs and urinals. Thanks to its high viscosity, the product extends its action and definitely removes stubborn deposits.


Direction for use
Spray the undiluted product under the rim of the WC or on the surface you need to clean and spread out the product with the toilet brush. Leave for a short period of time and rinse with running water and by using the brush. Do not let the solution dry and do not apply on delicate surfaces.
CAUTION: only suitable for stubborn deposits in urinals, WCs or ceramic, porcelain and stainless steel surfaces. Test the material’s resistance in a concealed area before use. Use on surfaces sensitive to acids causes permanent damage.


Packaging Code Item
Jerry-can 5 kg 77105
Jerry-can 25 kg 77106