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Products to clean your car with active enzymes. High quality products derived from professional formulations. Thanks to Aktiv-E you can care for your car yourself in a professional way directly at your home!

The long-lasting car freshener with a unique and essential design that matches your personality. Glamour, Sporty, Classic. Discover the most appropriate Bean!

A full range of products to clean your home. Degreasers, multi-purpose for the floor and surfaces, descaling, detergents for the washing machine and washing dishes.

Marta La Farfalla – the car and environment freshener. Exclusive Italian and French long lasting fragrances. Collect them all!

We are Fra-Ber Family.

Fra-Ber is a family company: originating from the passion of a family that wanted to include their values and passion within a company.

Fra-Ber Family

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